The Star Tribune Endorses Choi

October 19, 2010 | Star Tribune

The Star Tribune endorses John Choi for his visionary ideas about crime prevention and strengthening the Ramsey County Attorney's office.

Choi has demonstrated collaborative leadership and innovative approaches to law enforcement. In recent years, we have praised his contributions twice on these pages -- first for a driver's license diversion program and then for his involvement in "The Blueprint,'' a fresh approach to handling domestic-violence cases.

His priorities include tougher prosecution of gun crimes, combating domestic and gang violence, a focus on chronic and career criminals, and preventing elder abuse. Last year Choi was recognized by his colleagues as the top city attorney in North America for his innovative record.

As city attorney, Choi effectively managed St. Paul's 70-employee, $8 million public law and prosecution office -- skills that would easily transfer to the county attorney's office. He has built a reputation as a coalition-building prosecutor and as a responsible steward of public law enforcement and prosecution dollars.

We recommend Choi because of his vision for the department and his more recent experience managing a large government-oriented legal office.

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